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escalate alerts

If you can to notify specific channels if the alert still not resolve, you can use @escalate meta-tag for scripts.

A script example:

-- @cron 0 */10 * * * *
-- @escalate 5:telegram_cto,slack_manager 10:telegram_ceo
-- @channels slack_ingeneer


alert.error('script-id', 'Alert message')

By default, this script sent alerts to slack_ingeneer channel.

In this example script will be run every 10 minutes and if the alert is not resolved, alert will be sent to the channels telegram_cto and slack_ingeneer on 5 script run (if error state is error). And alert will be sent to telegram_ceo on 10-th script run.

Escalate options

[email protected] num:channel,channel num:channel

num - number of script alerts run error before alert will be sent to the channels

After num: you can define channels list, separated by ,

Escalate rules are space-separated, so you can define multiple rules.