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root values

These options are not required and can be defined in the configuration file on top level

luaModulesPath = "./?.lua"
storageAlert = "memory"
storageKV = "memory"
luaModulesPath: ./?.lua
storageAlert: "memory"
storageKV: "memory"



By default: ./?.lua;./modules/?.lua;./modules/?/init.lua;/modules/?.lua;/modules/?/init.lua

Semicolon separated list of paths to load lua modules from.


Storage settings for core-modules. You should set storage name, described in section core storages. Use a format:
<STORAGE_TYPE>.<STORAGE_NAME>. Except for builtin storage - memory

By default for all modules uses builtin value - memory

  • alert: storage for Alerts data
  • kv: storage for KV data


storageAlert = "sqlite.mySqliteStorage"
storageAlert: sqlite.mySqliteStorage