2020-06-18 v0.6.0

  • [ENHANCEMENT] added Discord channel See more
  • [ENHANCEMENT] added Email channel See more
  • [ENHANCEMENT] new lua module: csv See more
  • [ENHANCEMENT] allow setting CLI option ‘-config=stdin’ for read the configuration file from os.stdin instead filesystem
  • [FIX] do not start API server, if configuration option global.API.Address is empty
  • add pprof endpoints for API server

2020-04-23 v0.5.0

  • added core module runtime
  • [FIX] fixed error with saving alerts data to the file storage
  • added the CLI flag -script which allows quickly run the script See more
  • added new ScriptSource provider - File See more
  • [FIX] disable sampling for the logger in the debug mode

2020-04-03 v0.4.0

  • ability to write tests Testing
  • [BREAKING] removed alias-methods alert.on and
  • [BREAKING] renames method printTable from lua module h to print. Now you call pass any value, not only table
  • for obtain scripts from a source folder, script name will be defined as a filename without an extension. Before a path was been included

2020-03-23 v0.3.2

  • added an API route ‘/liveness’ API
  • added a method get for the core module alert. Use it for get an information about an alert Alert
  • added a configuration item Global.LuaModulesPath. It allows redefine a folder for loading Lua modules Configuration Global
  • a base docker image was updated from alpine to debian:stretch-slim
  • added an API route ‘/api/v1/kv’ for obtain KV pairs from a storage KV, API

2020-03-18 v0.3.1

  • add timeouts for datasources in configuration

2020-03-17 v0.3.0

  • configuration schema changes
    • field ‘updateInterval’ in ‘scripts’ section see more
    • all ‘snake_case’ fields now have ‘camelCase’ format
      • datasources.clickhouse.ssl_cert_path -> datasources.clickhouse.sslCertPath
      • datasources.prometheus.basic_auth -> datasources.prometheus.basicAuth
      • datasources.postgres.ssl_mode -> datasources.postgres.sslMode
      • datasources.postgres.ssl_cert_path -> datasources.postgres.sslCertPath
      • channels.telegram.chat_id -> channels.telegram.chatId
      • global.send_start_notification -> global.sendStartNotification
      • global.send_stop_notification -> global.sendStopNotification
  • added basic support for datasource: Loki

2020-03-16 v0.2.0

  • support a persistent storage for Alerts and KV data
    • type: file

2020-03-12 v0.1.3

  • added channel ‘notify’ for standard OS GUI notifications

2020-03-11 v0.1.2

  • removed API method /api/v1/config
  • refactoring API method /api/v1/alerts
    • changed output format
    • added filters by ‘name’ and/or ‘level’
  • other optimizations

2020-03-09 v0.1.1

  • fix a typo in the http core module
    • http.msethodTrace -> http.methodTrace

2020-03-09 v0.1.0

  • added core module http
  • added lua module json