Balerter is a Self Hosted Script Based Alert Manager

English version of the documentation contains some grammatical and lexical typo and errors. We will be happy to accept any help in updating English version of the documentation. Thank you!

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Reasons for creating

Balerter was born from need to create complex business-metrics, which very hard to create declaratively.

A typical case:

  • get historical data from first source
  • get operative data from second source
  • make needed calculation
  • if our results are disturbing
  • get meta-data from third source
  • make a error message
  • send a notification to messengers, etc
  • repeat this steps every hour

There can be many such cases. Checking free space on hard disks or monitoring customer spends. Checking the temperature in the refrigerator by http api or checking CPU load on servers.

In fact you are not limited in your cases, as you are not limited in writing any programs with you programming language.

What does the Balerter give?

  • declare all data source in one place. You do not need to write DB connections in each script.
  • provide API for access to any datasource, but not shadowing implementation details. You need to write SQL queries manually.
  • can send notification to different targets: email, messengers, syslog. The list is regularly updated by your requests
  • makes it easy to attach a chart image to a notification
  • run your scripts with a defined interval

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